ASG Chicago Reaches Out to Sewing Sisters in Joplin

Five sewing machines, a generous assortment of notions, patterns and sewing magazines are on their way to ASG members in Joplin, Missouri, thanks to the great work of the Palos Heights Neighborhood Group, Flying Needles. These thoughtful ladies collected donations at the ASG Chicago Fashion Show in October and supplemented with their own efforts to help restore the sewing rooms of ASG members who lost so much in last summer’s devastating tornado. Thanks go to Terri and Anna for organizing the project and to Terri’s husband for making it possible to ship all 332 pounds of supplies. To our sewing sisters in Joplin, enjoy getting back to the pastime you love.

New Gadget: The June Tailor Pintastic!

June Tailor Pintastic

(Image source: June Tailor)

Our chapter President, Connie, asked me once, “How many pincushions does one need?” At the time, I laughed because I didn’t have an answer. But, it seems that June Tailor does know the answer: Zero!

Throw out your tomatoes. Chuck your hand-crafted cushion. Scrap your scrapbuster because June Tailor introduces the Pintastic Automatic Pin Dipsenser.

Introducing Pintastic, The Automatic Pin Dispenser!

Ok, I admit, I’m being a bit facetious here, partly because I’m just not a gadget person. So, I watched the video to see what the Pintastic was all about.

I did see the Pintastic at Hancock Fabrics this weekend. For me, it has a large footprint — it would take much more room than a pincushion or even two pincushions. The “cement mixer” internal part is a bit loud, so if you’re trying to do some sewing tasks done in the middle of the night while DH and the kidlets are asleep, this might not be the best solution. The Pintastic is priced anywhere from $40 to $59.99.

On the plus side, if reaching for pins is a problem you face, this might be a solution for you, since it “hands” you a pin one-at-a-time, with the head up.

Here’s one person who seems to enjoy her new Pintastic.

If you buy one, leave a comment to let us know how you like it. Maybe I’ve just missed something that I can’t appreciate as much as another sewist.

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