Details Take Center Stage

ASG Chicago’s talented fashion show coordinator Jeanette Bussard’s “Larger Than Life” raincoat is featured in the Reader’s Closet section of Threads Magazine this month. She chose the name because of the bold details that give this coat the power to overcome the dreariness of a rainy day.

Jeanette lengthened the Simplicity 2645 jacket pattern to three-quarter length, added patch pockets and constructed the exterior from pale lavender vinyl with a hint of sparkle. The scene-stealing exterior details include white vinyl piping, oversized covered buttons, corded buttonholes and hand-painted white grommets embellishing the pockets.


As if that weren’t enough, Jeanette created a one-of-a-kind floral hand painted silk lining using a glue-resist method.

Jeanette also added a cotton flannel underlining to support the structure and add a bit of defense against the nip in the air that accompanies spring rain showers. Well done, Jeanette!


3 Responses

  1. Congratulations to Jeanette! Gorgeous, gorgeous coat. Any hints on sewing with vinyl??
    ASG HQ

  2. Samina,

    Sewing with vinyl is similar to sewing with leather. Any pin holes or needle holes are permanent, so you cannot use straight pins while sewing. Sew carefully, because the holes will remain if you have to rip anything out. I used binder clips from the office supply store instead of pins. I used a roller presser foot, as a normal presser foot would “stick.” The vinyl I used was able to withstand a low-heat iron, but I used a cotton flannel pressing cloth at all times. Be careful here, because some vinyls cannot be ironed at all and will melt immediately! Test a sample piece first with a pressing cloth.

    Thanks for the compliments!


    • Thanks for the tips, Jeanette! You’ve inspired me to try sewing on some stash vinyl fabric.


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