Ty Pennington Makes Quilting Cool and Manly

Ty Pennington cover

(Image source: fatquartershop.com)

What do Ty Pennington, Jimmy Kimmel and Quilter’s Home have in common? Wait, did I just throw in Quilter’s Home in that group? You betcha! During last night’s appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Jimmy showed the April/May issue with Ty on the cover and tried to give him grief about it. But Ty Pennington didn’t shy away from it. I love his reply:

“Quilting, a lot like jazz, is a gift America has given the world,” Ty says proudly.

Of course, Ty has been designing fabrics for Westminster Lifestyles since June 2010 and has been designing home products for Sears for quite a while. He’s also had a line of home dec fabrics for a couple of years. But now, his fabrics are coming in lighter weights.

Ty Pennington’s fabrics are definitely is what is considered the “modern” design. Very graphic with contemporary colorings. Design patterns are a color with a neutral. More urban than country. More nature than floral.

Unfortunately, Ty Pennington’s fabrics are not available in any Illinois stores, but can be purchased online. And it looks like he’s offering some patterns in fleece and cotton laminate. Check Ty’s website for more information.


2 Responses

  1. Great post thanks for sharing. You have a great layout here. Quilting is something I really enjoy doing. It passes the time and is very relaxing.

    • Thanks for the comment! Have you ever used Ty Pennington’s fabrics? Or do you have a favorite fabric designer?

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