Curve Master Presser Foot

Curve Master Presser Foot

Curve Master Presser Foot (Image source: The Colorful World of Sewing)

Yesterday, I replied to a tweep (Twitter peep) seeking advice if there was a presser foot that would make it easier to sew the curves in a Drunkard’s Path quilt. I suggested the sewist look into the a foot I had read about a foot called a Curve Master Presser Foot.

For those who aren’t familiar with quilt piecing, Drunkard’s Path is a mainstay design of historical quilting. The block is a simple two-piece block; the complexity is that it is a joined convex and concave seam. Much like a princess seam in garment sewing. And in both cases, you don’t want any puckering.

Curve Master Presser Foot

(Image source: Quilters Review)

About the Curve Master Presser Foot

Full disclosure: I’ve never used this presser foot, so the information is based on what I’ve been able to read. 

This presser foot is supposed to automatically put the ease in to the “mountain” curve, eliminating pinning. The guide is set for the quilter’s standard of a scant 1/4″, so if you’d have to grade your seam down on a garment…although I just finished a masterclass with Japanese designer Shingo Sato where we only used 1/4″ seams. I think the Curve Master Presser Foot may be my next presser foot purchase!

Here’s a video of how to use the Curve Master Presser Foot. If you’ve used this foot, leave a comment to let me know if you recommend this foot or not. Part of the fun and benefits of the American Sewing Guild is sharing information and experiences with other members, so please do leave a comment!


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  1. I recently purchased the curve master presser foot to help with my latest quilt consisting of the drunkard path squares. I will admit, in the beginning I had some issues w/the the foot because my machine is a Baby Lock and I can attach all my feet by clipping them onto the machine. From what I read about the curve master presser foot, I should have been able to clip this foot right on but that was not the case. Thankfully w/all the shanks provided, I found the one that fit my machine and I was ready to tackle the curve. For me, I didn’t find sewing the curves as easy as it made it but w/practice, I conquered sewing the curve. I am so very thankful b/c I have lots of curves to sew in this quilt. I have watched many videos on the curve master presser foot and even though they all seem the same, I found one very helpful. Sandy Chandler who created the foot has a short video on her blog on how to use the foot: I hope this help others.

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