Learning and Refining Skills With Friends

To me, the two primary benefits of ASG membership are camaraderie and the opportunity to expand my knowledge of sewing and fashion design. So, I was delighted when ASG Chicago Chapter President Connie Goldberg asked me to join the Chapter Advisory Board (“CAB”) as Education Chair. Now I get to work with a dedicated and talented group of women who guide and advise the Chicago Chapter and I get to work with fabulous sewing educators to bring educational programs to our members. How great is that?

We are very excited about the two educational programs we have planned for the first half of 2011. The first one will take place on April 30th. Palmer/Pletsch certified sewing instructor Janet Dapson will teach Twenty +  Tips to Improve All Your Sewing in the morning and give a hands-on Tailoring Techniques workshop in the afternoon. In between, we will have lunch and shop among the selections Janet will bring from her Richland, Michigan Store, Fabrications. You can choose one or both. Space will be limited for the hands-on portion. Check back here and at the ASG Chicago web site in the coming weeks for location and pricing.

The second event is the weekend of my birthday, and I can’t think  of a better way to spend it. On June 26th, ASG Chicago will present acclaimed couture sewing expert, author and educator, Susan Khaljie. Couture is a word that has been overused a lot lately, but Susan Khaljie practices and teaches the genuine article. Her garments feature meticulous hand sewing and all of the details of haute couture that she learned working in a fine custom clothing shop in New York. Susan will be in the Chicago area to teach her six-day Couture Sewing School, and she has graciously agreed to arrive a day in advance to give ASG Chicago members and guests a trunk show of her drop-dead gorgeous creations and teach us some of the skills that are the hallmark of couture sewing. The day will include afternoon tea service and promises to be a high point of the summer.

So, what about the time in between these events? What if your New Year’s resolutions include improving your sewing and you want to get started right away? Not to worry. We’ve begun an Educational Resources page to direct you to books and DVDs that can guide you. We’re going to do everything we can to help you sew projects that give you a sense of accomplishment and draw the very best compliment of all, “You made that?”


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